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Mini Vehicle Tracking Device with Internal Battery


The GV55 is a mini GPS tracker designed for a wide variety of vehicle tracking applications. It has multiple I/O interfaces that can be used for monitoring or controlling external devices. Its built-in GPS receiver has superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix. Its quad band GPRS/GSM subsystem supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz allowing the GV55's location to be monitored in real time or periodically tracked by a backend server and mobile devices. Its built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extends battery life through sophisticated power management algorithms. System integration is straightforward as complete documentation is provided for the full featured @Track protocol. The @Track protocol supports a wide variety of reports including emergency, geo-fence boundary crossings, driving behavior, low battery and scheduled GPS position.



  • Extremely compact enclosure 63mm x 50mm x 21.8mm

  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer supporting driving behavior monitoring, power conservation and motion detection

  • Internal u-blox chipset

  • Low power consumption, long standby time with internal battery

  • Quad band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

  • Embedded full-featured @Track protocol

  • Multiple input/output interfaces for monitoring and control

  • Internal GSM antenna

  • Internal GPS antenna

  • CE/FCC/E-Mark certified





GSM Specifications

Quad band : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
-Class 4 (2W @ 850/900 MHz)
-Class 1 (1W @ 1800/1900 MHz)
GPRS multi-slot class 10
GPRS mobile station class B
RMS Phase Error 5 deg
Max Out RF Power GSM850/GSM900: 33.0±2 dBm

DCS/PCS: 30.0±2 dBm

Dynamic Input Range -15 ~ -108 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity Class ⅡRBER 2% (-107 dBm)
Stability Of Frequency < 2.5 ppm
Max Frequency Error ±0.1 ppm


GPS Specifications

GPS Chipset
u-blox All-In-One GPS receiver

Autonomous: -147 dBm

Hot start: -156 dBm

Reacquisition: -160 dBm

Tracking: -162 dBm

Position Accuracy
Autonomous : < 2.5m
SBAS : < 2.0m
TTFF (Open Sky)
Cold start : 27s average
Warm start : < 27s
Hot start : < 1s



Digital Inputs
Two digital inputs
One positive trigger for ignition detection
One negative trigger input for normal use
Digital Outputs One digital output open drain, 150mA max current drain
Latched Digital Outputs One digital output with internal latch circuit open drain, 150mA max current drain
GSM/GPS  Antenna Internal only
Indicator LED GSM, GPS and power
Mini UBS port Mini USB port for firmware upgrading and debugging


General Specifications

Dimensions 63mm * 50mm * 21.8mm
Weight 50g
Backup Battery Li-Polymer 250mAh
Standby Time

Without reporting: 59 hours

5 minutes reporting: 35 hours

10 minutes reporting: 45 hours

Operating Voltage 8V to 32V DC
-30℃ ~ +80℃ (without battery)
-40℃ ~ +85℃ for storage (without battery)


Air Interface Protocol

Transmit Protocol TCP, UDP, SMS
Power Supply Monitoring Alarm status reporting of the external power and backup battery of the device
Scheduled Report Report position at a pre-set time interval, distance, mileage or combination of these values
Geo-fence Geo-fence alarm and parking alarm, support up to 20 internal geo-fence regions
Tow Alarm Alarm report for movement when ignition off
Speed Alarm Flexible speed monitoring for unusual speed alarm
Driving Behavior Monitoring Aggressive driving behaviors detection for harsh braking and acceleration
Crash Detection Accident data collection for reconstruction and analysis
Special Alarm Special alarm based on the digital inputs
Remote Control OTA control of device outputs



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