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Fleet Management

WEB based system allows you to track your fleet

Basic features and capabilities


• The product aids the management of vehicles and their drivers. You can do this remotely from anywhere in the world, 24/7 in a few quick steps. The only thing you need is a computer with an access to the Internet.
• The data we provide is essential for you and your work. Geographical position, speed, mileage, time stopped or in motion, fuel level and the vehicle's current status are only a fraction of the information you receive.
• For an instant access to your data the only thing you need is a computer equipped with an Internet connection. Working with the system does not require any special knowledge and is intuitive for people of all ages.
• The product has an interactive map which is used to display the current position of each of your vehicles.

Specifics and product characteristics

• Interactive map for live tracking;
• Monitors the current course and movement speed;
• Detects when vehicles is moving and when stationary, detects engine status;
• Displays all trips (also for past periods) on an interactive map;
• Different reports and statistics available also for past periods;
• Ability to monitor the fuel level;
• Ability to monitor the fuel consumption;
• A two-way communication link to GPS navigation systems;
• Ability to monitor a number of external sensors.

Advanced services

• CAN-bus data reading from trucks (total fuel used, RPM, mileage, speed);
• CAN-bus data reading from light vehicles (total fuel used, RPM, mileage, speed);




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