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Hands-Free Series

Speaker & Microphone


The Hands-free speaker and microphone is designed for use with Queclink GV series products.   It includes one speaker and one microphone, which enable two-way voice calling between a GV series product and a control center or other voice communication equipment. It is suitable for both fleet management and personal security.

We offer two kinds of speaker, the PS100 and the AS 100 depending on which GV series product is in use.




  • PS100 : Passive speaker with 2 meter long wire, designed for GV200 and GV200G that have audio outputs with a drive circuit

  • AS100 : Active speaker with 2 meter long wire, designed for GV300 that have audio output without a drive circuit

  • AM100 : Microphone with 2 meter long wire, designed for GV series products with an audio input





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