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Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor UFS 270 for GV Series


The fuel sensor is composed of ultrasonic detector, signal control box, signal extension wire, user interface wire, double-sided sticky tape, ultrasonic couplant, abrasive paper and two cable ties. It can work with Queclink's GV series to provide fuel level monitoring and fuel lost alarm.




  • Operating voltage : 9-36VDC

  • Measurement range : 5cm-100cm

  • Level accuracy : ±0.5%

  • IP Rating: IP66 (detector)

  • Output interface:

  • Analog Output: Output voltage range: 0-5.0V

  • RS232 interface : Baud rate 19,200

  • Suitable for use with GV200 and GV300





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