A device to measure temperature, humidity and magnetic field based on the Bluetooth Low Energy.

A device to measure temperature, humidity and magnetic field based on the Bluetooth Low Energy.

TH-BLE is an autonomous, wireless temperature measuring sensor designed to remotely monitor conditions on different units and locations via IoT and M2M platforms. Thanks to its versatility, the device has a wide range of applications in many businesses such as:

  • Agriculture companies (to monitor greenhouses and storage spaces)
  • Transport companies (to monitor refrigerated trucks and their doors)
  • Logistics (to monitor storage conditions)
  • Heavy and light industry companies (to monitor conditions in mines or on assembly lines)
  • Pharmaceutical companies (to monitor conditions in storage spaces and during transportation)

Also, the sensor can be installed to monitor ambient conditions on construction sites, in buildings – for HVAC maintenance planning – in scientific studies, etc.

TH-BLE is a compact fully autonomous sensor that runs on a lithium battery that doesn’t require maintenance. It is a wireless device; therefore, no cabling is needed. The sensor can be fixed on an even surface with self-tapping screws. The configuration and fine-tuning of the device is done via the Escort Configurator mobile app available on both iOS and Android devices.

The data on temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity and luminosity as well as the event notifications generated by Hall-effect sensor are transmitted to the BLE-BASE adapter or to a GPS tracker that has BLE interface and Escort BLE communication protocol integrated into its firmware. Alternatively, the mobile app can be used to monitor the ambient conditions. Max connectivity range in the open is 200 meters.

In case of a connection loss, TH-BLE continues to store that data in its internal memory. A month worth stored data can be downloaded from the black box via the mobile app.

The collected data can be accessed online in real time or in form of reports in certain intervals. The data is collected to be further analyzed via IoT monitoring platforms capable of processing the sensor’s data. Escort Monitoring System has a very flexible policy when it comes to integration of its products with various platforms. We are always open to any mutually beneficial projects and ideas.


TH-BLE: Main Advantages

  • The sensor collects data on a wide range of parameters
  • Wireless Bluetooth LE technology means low power consumption
  • Easy to configure and install
  • Battery lifetime of up to 3 years
  • Data storage (‘black box’)
  • Lower installation costs:
    – No risks of cables wearing out or getting sabotaged
    – The sensor is easy to remove and install on a different spot
    – Easy to mount and maintain

Like all other Escort solutions, TH-BLE sensor is made of high-quality materials and components. It is highly resistant to temperature, pressure and humidity shifts, electromagnetic interference, dust and moisture.

More versatile, TH-BLE vastly improves on the capabilities of the temperature and luminosity sensor TL-BLE and continues the product lineup of wireless solutions by Escort. The latter includes the fuel level sensor TD-BLE and the tilt angle sensor DU-DLE.

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