Advanced Vehicle Tracker with CANBus Support

1. Built-in CANBus and J1708 Bus

2. Supports tachograph data retrieval

3. Multiple interfaces including RS232 serial port, 1-wire, digital I/O and analog input

4. Supports diverse accessories, such as temperature sensor, fuel sensor, driver ID reader and more

5. Supports BLE temperature and humidity sensor and BLE key fob

Telematics service providers who want to offer advanced vehicle data choose the GV300CAN. This product can read advanced vehicle data from heavy trucks (CAN and J1708), light trucks and cars (OBDII) without interfering with vehicle bus wiring or vehicle data ports. An extensive variety of data is available including distance, fuel level, engine RPM and vehicle speed etc. The product supports over 700 specific light vehicle makes and models.

The product is based on the GV300 appearance and adds BLE. Therefore it supports many wired and wireless accessories allowing the product to be flexible and suitable for applications beyond advanced vehicle data acquisition.



FCC, CE, E-Mark, Anatel

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