Monito is a well-established business partner, helping professionals enhance their performance. We provide IoT solutions that embrace telematics and vehicular technologies, GPS tracking, and CAN bus devices. With the priority of the utmost quality, quick delivery, and customer satisfaction, we stand firm as a team ready to excel.

We hand our customers an instrument to scale their businesses, foresee the opportunities to improve, and plan a better performance. The products we sell reflect what we value – a sustainable approach to business management, solutions that enhance chain processes.

Years in the IoT industry
Countries Covered
Different Types of Products
Trackers Sold

Queclink is an all-around IoT solutions provider. By introducing Network, Transportation, and Asset & Mobility products to businesses and individuals across the globe, they have established their grounds as a trustworthy partner capable of equipping professionals with the means to enhance their performance.


Trak aims to make users’ operations safer and more efficient with the smart solutions it has developed. With its experienced team in the automotive sector, it has adopted the principle of developing products and services that can compete globally.


Key milestones

The year Monito’s journey has begun. Striving to provide businesses with cutting-edge tracking solutions to this day.


New prospects arise as we become the official Queclink  representatives in Europe.


The horizons expand with the addition of Formula products and Monito becoming their worldwide partners.


The introduction of Escort monitoring systems, Monito becomes distributors in Europe.


Surpassing the threshold of 200,000 products sold.