LTE Standby Tracker with Wireless Charging

1.Global LTE Cat M1/NB2 with 2G fallback using unique antenna solution

2.Up to 1 year standby time

3.Supports wireless charging

4.Waterproof, compliant to IP67

5.Rapid and flexible installation

6.Ideal for asset monitoring and lot management

The GL521MG is derived from our successful GL500MG by supporting NB2 and adding Qi wireless charging and BLE. Our customers love the battery-powered GL500MG but still wanted a rechargeable version for certain scenarios. We designed this version without impacting the waterproof and robust enclosure. Adding BLE allows connectivity to diverse wireless accessories.With internal temperature and light sensors, the product is ideal for a wide range of environmental monitoring applications such as cold chain logistics, warehouse management, cargo trucking, high-value static asset monitoring and more. The GL521MG supports several mounting alternatives which use unique clip on design to securely attach the device to any asset.




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