GL53MG Plus

LTE Micro Waterproof Standby Asset Tracker with Bigger Battery

1. Global LTE Cat M1/NB2 with 2G fallback using unique antenna solution

2. Up to 4 years of standby time with 4400mAh internal battery

3. Micro size allowing covert installation

4. Waterproof, IP67 compliant

5. Supports BLE 5.2

6. Ideal for stolen vehicle recovery and asset monitoring

The GL53MG Plus is the upgraded LTE Cat M1/NB2 version of GL50MG. It integrates the latest low-power wide area network standards and covers a broader area, making it more flexible to deploy. Adding a programmable button makes it ideal for applications requiring rapid emergency alert or checking status of device. Its built-in BLE allows connectivity to diverse wireless accessories. Micro-sized waterproof design allows it to be used in harsh environments. The GL53MG Plus is an ideal product for SVR application requiring LTE technology. In addition, it is also used for a wide range of applications including auto financing, asset monitoring, car rental and leasing and more.



FCC, Verizon, PTCRB, AT&T, CE

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