GV57MG/GV57MG Plus

Compact Waterproof Vehicle Tracker/ LTE Cat M1/NB2 Waterproof GNSS Tracker for Equipment Monitoring

GV57MG – available in 190mAh Battery
GV57MG Plus – available in 1400mAh Battery

1. Waterproof, IP67

2. Simple five-wire installation using in-line connector

3. Digital I/O for ignition detection, panic button etc.

4. Supports BLE 5.1

5. Ideal for light duty vehicle tracking applications

The GV57MG integrates the latest low-power wide area network standards and covers a broader area, making it more flexible to deploy. With waterproof design, it ensures the product remains reliable when installed in the harsh environments. It offers basic digital I/Os that can be used for ignition detection and vehicle control. The product features Queclink’s revolutionary zero power consumption, allowing owners to leave their cars and motorcycles unattended for long periods of time without having to worry about a flat battery. The product is ideal for stolen vehicle recovery, motorcycle monitoring and other basic tracking applications.



  • Anatel
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