Compact Vehicle Tracker

1. Compact size

2. Multiple I/Os, including 1-wire interface as well as digital and analog I/O

3. Supports a wide variety of accessories, including temperature sensor and driver ID reader

4. Supports external CAN adapter to decode information from vehicle buses (CAN bus and J1708)

The GV65 is designed to address typical requirements for fleet management in Europe. Its 1-wire interface allows customers to extend its functionality to include options like temperature monitoring and driver ID identification. It also supports CAN data capture via connectivity to our CAN100 accessory, as well as I/O expansion via our extender products. Its optional external antenna ensures accurate GNSS positioning in complex environments or when covert installation is required. The product has also proved effective in other applications, such as logistics, courier and dispatch, and long distance trucking.


FCC, CE, E-Mark

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